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¡Que viva la Selva Lacandona!

¡Qué viva la Selva Lacandona! is an initiative with which Grupo Salinas, through Fundación Azteca, seeks to sensitize society on the importance of conserving this very important Mexican natural reserve, located in Chiapas.

The Lacandon Jungle is the largest biodiversity reserve in our country, it is an important water factory and it captures an important amount of carbon dioxide, it also contributes to climate stability and soil conservation.

¡Qué Viva la Selva Lacandona! is a drawing contest aimed especially for children. It seeks to show the risks confronted by the protected natural area and also the benefits it provides, establishing a bond with the children.

The winners of the contest visit the Chajul Station, located in the center of the Lacandon Jungle, accompanied by experts, guides and biologists.

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