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ITALIKA provides to the Mexican population access to its own transport, allowing them to be more efficient in their daily activities, in a comfortable and reliable way. Just a few years after its launch, ITALIKA positioned itself as the number one brand in motorcycles in Mexico.

Currently, ITALIKA has nearly 60% share of the market, allowing it to reach a milestone in 2018: 4.5 million units sold. ITALIKA is currently commercialized in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Peru.

Through the aim of having greater flexibility to meet the demand and needs of its customers in Mexico and Latin America, in 2018, ITALIKA inaugurated its fifth production line in its assembly plant, which increased its production capacity to 760 thousand motorcycles on a yearly basis.

Meanwhile, responding to its mission to promote two-wheel mobility, since 2016, it promotes the practice of motorcycling as a sport, through ITALIKA Racing, a platform that has low-cost mono-brand competitions that allow young people to be integrated in different national and international championships.

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