• Upax Connects Your Brand to the Consumer

    Three Years of Constant Innovation

Three Years of Constant Innovation

Upax Connects Your Brand to the Consumer

“Today’s consumer is more analytical and looks for new experiences.” At Upax, we understand this and know how to connect your brand to the customer.

Upax was born in 2015 to fulfill the need to know and improve the experience of Grupo Salinas companies’ users. It was very important to interpret those data and take concrete action to help make a deep connection to clients, offering them better products, services, and experiences.

At Upax, things were done right from the very beginning and the need covered was very important. That meant that outside Grupo Salinas it was also widely accepted.

Today, Upax offers its clients a mix of products and services, ranging from deep market research to successful implementations involving real market experiences.

Upax is expert in understanding the consumer’s journey; thanks to that, it creates and offers effective strategic solutions for its clients’ sales.

It also has Mexico’s largest field and promotional force through its Upaxer and Trademarketing divisions, and it’s always creating new products to continue generate value for its clients.

The company has become a reference point in the market for the design of strategies to link up companies with their clients. It collaborates to change and improve experiences and positive stimuli for consumers in order to win their preference and loyalty.

Two of Upax’s strongest allies are technological innovation and its economic strength. This potent mix allowed it to create UPAXER, a powerful app that facilitates data collection from people willing to work independently in more than 1,300 locations in Mexico and more than 9 countries around the world. It gathers exactly the information its clients need to make decisions. And the most innovative thing about it is that it all happens in real time.

In 2019, UPAXER was franchised in four countries (Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, and Spain), and in 2020 that number will increase.

Upax Achievements

Upax is the only market research firm with a Personal Data Protection Certification issued by Mexico’s National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information, and Personal Data Protection (INAI). It is currently listed fourth on the Mexican Association of Market Research and Public Opinion Agencies (AMAI) ranking.

For the second consecutive year, it received the super company ranking, meaning that people want to work at Upax. It has been ranked as a super work space because its offices invite innovation and creativity.

The UPAXER app has 100,000 people willing to contribute to information gathering. There’s no precedent for such a large field force!

How does Upax contribute to Grupo Salinas prosperity?

It contributes with a collaborative economic model, impacting the most remotely located communities; that is, it is capable of helping people generate extra income to contribute to paying their day-to-day expenses.

It establishes ethical commercial relationships with good practices of competition and information security. It fosters an ideology of social responsibility among its collaborators, which has a positive impact on the good practices of their personal surroundings.

If you want to know more about Upax, we invite you to visit its web site at .

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