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Cecilia Fallabrino
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Managing Director

Upax´s general manager Cecilia Fallabrino defines herself as a woman of challenges.

Born in Argentina, she studied human resources, but has never worked in that field. Her first job was in a cell phone company, where she developed external sales teams.

At that time, Argentina’s political and economic situation was complicated, so the head of the company where Cecilia worked accepted a job in Mexico, offering her a chance as well. That is how she arrived in Mexico almost 21 years ago. “I’m a naturalized citizen. I always boast that it’s more important to choose; so, I chose to be Mexican and was naturalized.”

Once in Mexico, she continued to develop sales teams for Verizon-Vodafone, the owners of Iusacell. A couple of years later, Grupo Salinas bought Iusacell, and, as Cecilia says, she was part of the company’s “fixed assets.”

For a time, she continued in the same work. Later she participated in incorporating the Iusacell brand for sale in Tiendas Elektra, a project she collaborated on with Alexander Elgqvist.

Later, Iusacell CEO Gustavo Guzmán asked her to support him in managing the territory, until she became head of the brand’s customer service division.

After seven years at Iusacell, Cecilia took on another big project: setting up the customer experience office, which she then headed, offering services to all the group’s companies.

A little later, she says, “We realized that what we were doing here interested other companies in the market. So, we decided to create a company that wasn’t an office, but a whole company that would go out and look for external clients. That’s how Upax was born, and I’ve been heading it up for three years.”

“Our company is dedicated to innovation, so I’m constantly on the lookout for it. It’s also my responsibility to look for business partners in other countries. One of my daily goals is to train my directors and think about what other businesses we could generate to make Upax a more and more successful company. At Upax, we started from zero and now we’re a business with 300 associates.”

Cecilia underlines that at Grupo Salinas, you have the freedom to work and learn. “This dynamism it has, that somehow lets you work in freedom so you can decide on your own future. I like the strength that we have working as a team. I love business execution. That’s another of the qualities that you highlight here: you execute or you execute.”

She thinks that this is a watershed year for Upax: “We want most of our earnings to come from external companies. We’re no longer a start-up; we’ve begun the maturation curve as a company. We’re very happy and prepared. Without a doubt, I have the best team with me.”

Cecilia Fallabrino is married and expecting her first child. She practices sports and has represented Mexico in Spain in shotgun shooting competitions. She also likes to travel and everything to do with technology.

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