• “Histories of Gold and Silver, Coins of Antiquity”

    The Hugo Salinas Price Numismatic Collection

Colección numismática de Hugo Salinas Price

“Stories of Gold and Silver, Coins of Antiquity”

Arte & Cultura Grupo Salinas, in collaboration with the Interactive Economics Museum (MIDE), organized the exhibition “Stories of Gold and Silver, Coins of Antiquity”, featuring the Hugo Salinas Price collection. The exhibition’s 69 silver, gold, electro, and bronze coins were minted between the first and fifth centuries BC by the Mediterranean civilizations that inhabited mainly what are now Greece, Italy, and Turkey.

Hugo Salinas Price, president of the Mexican Pro-Silver Association, and MIDE general manager Silvia Singer Sochet cut the inaugural ribbon. Accompanying them were Ricardo Salinas and María Laura Medina de Salinas; Juan Carlos Jiménez, managing director of the Association of the Banks of Mexico; and Sergio Vela, managing director of Arte & Cultura Grupo Salinas.

The exhibition recreates a Greek temple where visitors can see the origin of the coins and how they were struck. It is also designed to offer a historic, social, economic, and technological context of ancient civilizations and the circumstances that made it possible to mint coins.

Complementary activities have also been planned, such as talks with numismatic and historical experts, one of which Sergio Vela will moderate.

The exhibit is also an excellent opportunity for recognizing how important collecting is in the preservation of valuable objects for learning about our past.

“Stories of Gold and Silver, Coins of Antiquity” will be open to the public until May 31 at the MIDE.

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