• Banco Azteca, Everyone’s Bank

    Launches new institutional campaign

Launches New Institutional Campaign

Banco Azteca: Everyone’s Bank

Banco Azteca painted our country green with its new institutional campaign. This initiative makes for a new era in our bank’s communication. In our scant 17 years, today, we’ve become a more solid, trustworthy, relatable institution. At the same time, we’re facing new challenges that make us continue to break down paradigms and go where no one has dared to go before, offering new products, and bringing technology to our clients to make their lives easier.

We consolidate more every day, going from being the bank of many to the bank of everyone.

The Multitudes campaign is a celebration of the achievements of our millions of clients who make us as the great bank we are. It is a clear reflection of our essence as an institution: “Empowering people so they can achieve the life they want.”

The campaign, carried out under the leadership of the marketing team and support from Agencia i and the Madrefoca production house, stands out for its cinematographic style and high production values, presenting Banco Azteca with a new more emotional, relatable language. Green has become our signature color since its launch, contributing personality and an identity of our own, leaving behind tradition to reflect the bank we are.

Today, Banco Azteca not only has a presence in more municipalities than any other financial institution in Mexico, but we feel proud to be part of the lives of millions of people who we celebrate and thank, since their dreams and achievements are our reason for being.

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