• Quality Education: Yes We Can!

    Ricardo Salinas Hosts Plantel Azteca’s Year-End Ceremony
    Ricardo Salinas, Ninfa Salinas, Antonio Domínguez Sagols, and renowned golfer Lorena Ochoa

Ricardo Salinas Hosts Plantel Azteca’s Year-End Ceremony

Quality Education: Yes We Can!

Grupo Salinas Chairman of the Board Ricardo Salinas, headed the moving Plantel Azteca year-end ceremony. He expressed his optimism that more schools of this kind would soon exist. “We are creating an oasis of educational excellence, and that is very important, because it shows that, yes, we can have quality education in our country.”

Speaking before Minister of Education Esteban Moctezuma, special guests, principals, teachers, parents and students, Mr. Salinas underlined that, “We have successfully nurtured the seed we sowed 22 years ago. We wanted to make a cultural change, and I think we’ve done it; we’ve gone much further that we’d imagined. Today, Plantel Azteca is a luxuriant, strong tree that is bearing wonderful fruit.”

Mr. Salinas urged the students to be optimistic in the face of change, because they have all the tools they need to forge a brilliant future. He also asked them to put all the knowledge they had acquired into practice and not let it languish in mere study.

Also present at the ceremony were Minister of Education Esteban Moctezuma; Ninfa Salinas Sada, the president of Grupo Salinas’ Consultative Councils; Fundación Azteca General Director Antonio Domínguez Sagols; Jorge Nacer Gobera, president of Nacer Global; renowned Mexican golfer Lorena Ochoa; plus principals, teachers, and parents of Plantel Azteca students.

Esteban Moctezuma congratulated Ricardo Salinas for investing in Mexico’s youth, saying, “Ricardo believes in Mexico’s young people, and that’s why he’s committed to you. All over the country, we want more investment in our boys and girls, and for them to have more opportunities like you have here at Plantel Azteca. We want what I learned here to spread in order to make Mexican public education an education of excellence, an education with equity.”

Plantel Azteca is an educational institution created in 1997 by Ricardo Salinas, who considers learning a powerful tool for improving Mexicans’ quality of life.