• Letter to Our Readers

Letter to Our Readers

As a result of our solid commitment to fostering productivity and professional growth and to ensuring the well-being and progress of our associates and their families, Grupo Salinas was cited by the Employee Engagement Awards organization in several categories. This globally known institution seeks to inspire organizations to achieve excellence in human capital. Undoubtedly, this is a great achievement in our international projection. Congratulations are certainly in order!

And, since we’re on the topic of awards, several of our companies were once again certified by the Normalization and Certification body for their effective implementation of a personal data security system. Grupo Salinas is one of the first Mexican organizations to fulfill the highest standards in this field, both nationally and internationally.

Like every year, Ricardo Salinas attended the closing ceremony of Plantel Azteca’s school year. In its 22 years of existence, it has become one of the group’s most significant social initiatives, facilitating the graduation of more than 12,000 students who have gone on to outstanding careers in Mexico and abroad, demonstrating that an education of excellence is possible in Mexico.

After a little over 10 years of contributing to including people in the banking system and offering access to credit to broad swathes of the population, Grupo Elektra announced the sale of Banco Azteca El Salvador, so it can concentrate its efforts on markets where it is currently implementing its firm business model to strengthen the well-being and progress of the communities where it operates.

Presta Prenda is celebrating its 10th anniversary as Mexico’s fastest expanding pawn shop. In these 10 years, more than 1,000 locations have opened up all over the country to serve more than 1 million customers yearly, offering products and services to satisfy their financing needs. Congratulations to the big Presta Prenda team for its first decade.

Banco Azteca launched a new form of customer service for its digital clients through WhatsApp, the world leader in instant messaging. The bank will be offering its customers closer attention for managing their accounts and carrying out different operations, an effort that allows it to continue to foster financial education and inclusion in Mexico using cutting-edge tools.

TV Azteca continues its self-transformation: today, it aims to strengthen its work spaces, making them safer for all associates by launching its Gender Unit. The department, which will implement different initiatives to create awareness inside the company, is a great project that will encourage a better working environment.

Thanks to the solidarity of society convened by Movimiento Azteca, the campaign managed to raise funds to be able to donate more than 2,000 sleeper chairs to hospitals in the Mexican Social Security Institute system. This offers relatives and friends a decent place to rest as they accompany their patient’s convalescence.

I hope this issue is to your liking. I thank you, as always, for your interest in Grupo Salinas’ business, social, and environmental activities.

Luis J. Echarte