• Movimiento Azteca #106 Reaches Its Goal!

    More than 3,000 Sleeper Chairs to Be Donated
    Antonio Domínguez Sagols and Fundación IMSS General Director Ana Lía García with beneficiaries of the donations

More than 3,000 Sleeper Chairs to Be Donated

¡Movimiento Azteca #106 Reaches Its Goal!

Through the social co-responsibility campaigns Movimiento Azteca, Fundación Azteca supports social organizations and projects in reaching wide audiences to create awareness and raise funds for different causes. One of those is the donation of sleeper chairs to Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) hospitals.

The 106th Movimiento Azteca called on the public to contribute and successfully raised Mex$7,866,453, enough to donate 3,026 sleeper chairs to the IMSS Foundation, surpassing its original goal of 2,000.

The sleeper chairs make it possible for relatives and friends to have a decent place to rest while they accompany patients during hospitalization and convalescence.

Thanks to your donation, together, we reached our goal. United, we can do more!