• For the Welfare of Our Associates



For the Welfare of Our Associates

Through its companies and social initiatives, Grupo Salinas fosters prosperity for the communities where it operates based on an inclusive business vision so that everyone can benefit: associates, their families, shareholders, customers, and suppliers, as well as the country as a whole.

One of the three main aspects of that inclusive prosperity is creating social value; this means, among other things, creating and encouraging people’s capability to improve their own conditions.

In our companies, this social value manifests itself in different ways: through the support and recognition of our associates, through inclusive campaigns, cultural programs, sporting activities, training, and different initiatives to create identity, commitment, and the pride of belonging.

All these activities are part of a commitment to foster productivity, professional growth, and the well-being and progress of our associates and their families. These efforts were recognized by the international organization Employee Engagement Awards. Congratulations to all Grupo Salinas partners!