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Fundación Azteca

As a non-profit organization dedicated to improve health, nutrition, education and the environment, Fundación Azteca is the most powerful tool we have to put our values in action. Instead of charity, we offer individuals the resources to help themselves.

Since 1997, Fundación Azteca has contributed to improving the lives of millions of persons, connecting volunteers and donors with proven organizations, while creating awareness regarding some of society's most serious problems.

In each country where we operate, Fundación Azteca promotes change by empowering society, with passion, honesty and trust, some of our core values. Because openness and transparency are important for all our operations, we publish detailed results of every Fundación Azteca campaign. Aside from promoting the efficient use of funds, transparency encourages increased donations, as the public can see concrete accomplishments resulting from these efforts. The primary programs sponsored by Fundación Azteca are: Esperanza Azteca, Limpiemos Nuestro México, Movimento Azteca, Plantel Azteca, Vive Sin Drogas, A Quien Corresponda and Juguetón.

The efforts of Fundación Azteca not only contribute to the well-being of families in Mexico, but also extend to the United States, Peru, Guatemala and El Salvador.

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