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Freedom is one of the most important assets available to us as individuals. It certainly has enormous practical value. The ability to make decisions allows individuals to test new roads and constantly seek improvement. For this reason the nations that have the greatest level of development and well-being are also those that enjoy the greatest levels of freedom.

Caminos de la Libertad is an invitation, a provocation to be free, to think and reflect, to dare to contribute, to discuss, and to propose.

Caminos de la Libertad Essay Contest. In 2004, at the behest of Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego, the idea of raising awareness on the issue of freedom was born. This led to the creation of the Caminos de la Libertad Essay Contest, an open forum for discussion and the development of ideas around this topic. Each year participants submit essays that are reviewed by a select panel of judges.

Caminos de la Libertad para Jóvenes Multimedia Contest. There is no one better equipped than youth to express the meaning of freedom. Therefore we invite young people to put express ideas through photography, music, video, fiction, poetry, and painting.

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