Every person, family and company has values that govern their behavior. At Grupo Salinas we take these values seriously. We consider five to be essential and non-negotiable conditions, and the rest to be qualities of outstanding employees.

Essential Conditions

valor honestidad


To be honest is to have integrity. It implies congruency between what one feels, thinks, says and does. Honesty allows us to establish a relationship of trust and respect that is indispensable for working as a team. Loyalty to the company goes hand in hand with honesty.

valor ejecución


To execute is to deliver results. Personal work must be geared toward meeting concrete goals and we must take responsibility for them. We need to commit to complete assignments on time, within budget, and with quality. Only in this way can we create the trust and mutual respect that teamwork demands.

valor lealtad a la empresa

Company loyalty

It means being faithful to people, organizations, beliefs. It consists in never turning your back and being united in good times and in bad.

valor enfoque al cliente

Customer focus

The customer should be our center of attention. We must permanently investigate different market segments in order to better know and always satisfy the needs of each client.

valor enfoque al cliente

Respect and mutual trust

Reciprocal trust exists when both sides share a common interest; it may be short or long term. Respect means being tolerant and listening to the opinions of others, even if you disagree; it means being willing to learn, but also recognizing those who have "capi" (combination of authority, power and influence). It forces to complement teachings, styles, and experiences to maximize results.

Qualities that allow us to stand out:

valor excelencia


Passion to do things well and fast from the start. Our collaborators should be the best in their fields and do things with total dedication, energy and attention to detail.

valor Aprendizaje


Face change and prepare for an environment of constant transformation. Learning is energizing, adapting to be competitive, avoiding stagnation, seeking progress. And for this it is indispensable to learn continuously from mistakes.

valor Trabajo en equipo


Working together is essential: working together to achieve a goal. Working in teams requires a clear definition of objectives. It forces us to complement teachings, styles and experiences to maximize results. It involves respecting and listening to opinions.

valor Rápido y simple

Fast and simple

It is important to perform tasks quickly and simply, eliminating unnecessary functions and processes, living with a sense of urgency. Simple things are taught and learned quickly. The quest for perfection can be the enemy of speed and simplicity. It is better to be approximately right than totally wrong.

valor Generosidad


Love the community in which we live and improve its levels of health, education and ecology. Generosity begins with our homes, families; it continues with our co-workers and extends to the community. Generosity is not just giving away. We must give information and means so that everyone succeeds through his/her own effort.

valor inteligencia


Intelligence is the ability to understand, learn and associate ideas. It requires skill and ability to adapt to new situations or to find solutions to problems. There are different types of intelligence; we must identify them and use them. Our work demands teams that convey energy and commit to a common and clear effort.