What is GS?

Grupo Salinas is a group of dynamic, fast growing, and technologically advanced companies focused on creating economic value through market innovation and goods and services that improve the lives of its customers, social value –with the creation of capacities in society to improve their living conditions– and environmental value –by mitigating negative impacts of its value chain. By bringing well-being to all levels of society, Grupo Salinas fosters the development of the countries where it operates.

Created by entrepreneur Ricardo B. Salinas, Grupo Salinas operates as a forum to develop entrepreneurial ability and support decision-making among the executives who lead Group's member firms: Grupo Elektra, Banco Azteca, Seguros Azteca, Afore Azteca, Purpose Financial, Italika, TV Azteca, Dopamine, Totalplay, Totalplay Empresarial , UPAX, Agencia i, Promo Espacio, Grupo Dragón, Tiendas Neto, Totalsec, Punto Casa de Bolsa and Dialogus.


Grupo Salinas facilitates to its companies the quick and low-cost implementation of the best of the Group's collective thinking to optimize administrative practices, procedures and technologies.

In addition to its participation in the companies, Grupo Salinas created Fundación Azteca and similar organizations in Honduras and Guatemala, as well as Arte & Cultura, Kybernus , and Caminos de la Libertad, non part of CENTRO RICARDO B. SALINAS PLIEGO, as non-profit institutions dedicated to improving health, education, the environment, transmit the culture, promote leadership and freedom.

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