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Promo Espacio emerged as an advertising medium in 2006, with the mission of connecting users with brands at the time of the purchase decision, at Tiendas Elektra and Banco Azteca.

Its first screens were placed in 200 branches of Banco Azteca, delivering an audience of 2.2 million people a week. After 15 years of work, its audience has grown to reach 22.7 million people weekly and more than 16 thousand screens nationally and internationally.

The pioneer channel of Promo Espacio was Banco Azteca and with 15 years of experience it already has a presence in Liverpool, the University of the Valley of Mexico, the International Airport of Mexico City, the Sendero, Martí shopping centers, Vips restaurants, La Casa de Toño, Farmacias del Ahorro and soon at Tiendas Neto.

Promo Espacio has become a leading company in Digital Signage, offering content under the concept of "tailored suit", in which the customer finds everything it needs to fully meet its needs.

A specialized human team is dedicated to offering services ranging from conceptual design, campaign generation and content production, to 24/7 operation and monitoring through a platform developed 100% by Grupo Salinas engineers, known and registered as SIDI.

Recognized in 2020 by Latin Press as the second most valuable Digital Signage company in Latin America, Promo Espacio remains at the forefront and during the second quarter of 2020 transformed its value offer to generate experiences beyond the screen, in order to make them memorable to the audience. It is not about simply offering products or services, but about integrating and taking advantage of technologies such as QR codes, augmented reality and interactivity with cell phones, to leave a mark on everyone who sees their screens and generate Big Data in a bi-directional way.

Promo Espacio is about to launch its first outdoor media channel, with a revolutionary concept, differentiated and with environmental impact, to continue adding to the philosophy of generating inclusive prosperity of GS.

With 15 years of successful operation, Promo Espacio contributes to Grupo Salinas to consolidate it day by day as an important engine of the country's economy.

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