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Promo Espacio was founded in 2006 as an advertising platform to connect customers in our Elektra retail and Banco Azteca branches to information, brands, products, and services.

We started with 200 screens and about 2 million viewers weekly. Today, almost 12 years later, Promo Espacio advertising reaches 16.8 million people weekly on more than 3,000 screens nationwide.

In addition to our network at Banco Azteca, we have implemented similar ones in the Mexico City International Airport; shopping centers like Liverpool, Fibra Uno, and Grupo Sendero ; entertainment groups like Casino Life; and the Mexican national health system (ISSSTE). This makes us the digital signage company with the largest centralized video wall network with augmented reality worldwide.

We offer services ranging from conceptual design and custom content production, to operational support and 24/7 monitoring using a platform developed 100% by Grupo Salinas engineers, known as SIDI.

Creativity, innovation, personalized service, and state-of-the-art technology make us the largest, most reliable, and most viewed digital signage company in Mexico. At Promo Espacio, our strength is communicating content and advertising messages that educate, empower, and engage audiences across all socioeconomic levels.

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