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Arte y Cultura de Grupo Salinas

This area of Grupo Salinas is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of artistic and cultural activities with the central objective of generating shared social value through art and culture that raises the quality of life for our society and promotes identity and cultural pride. Arte & Cultura Grupo Salinas was born out of the passion and commitment of Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego for supporting culture as a fundamental value for Mexicans.

For this reason, since 2001, we have been dedicated to the support and preservation of Mexico's cultural heritage through projects that spread our traditions and customs. We support, promote, and disseminate artistic creation; we establish alliances at a national and international level; and we carry out projects with commitment and passion so that our heritage transcends borders and connects with other peoples.

Through Arte & Cultura, Grupo Salinas contributes to education and the integral development of Mexicans, by bringing them closer to artistic creations, encouraging humanistic values, and sharing the richness of our traditions and cultural heritage.

The logo of Arte & Cultura Grupo Salinas contains the symbol “&” which etymologically originated as a ligature of the letters “et,” which is Latin for "and" or “y” in Spanish.

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