Social Commitment

As a sister operation of  Fundación Azteca, Fundación Azteca America is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life within the U.S. Latino community. Its philosophy is based on personal respect and in being reciprocal with society by offering the necessary tools for improvement without resorting to charity.

Fundación Azteca America works closely with U.S.-based Spanish-language television network Azteca America, which provides promotion of education and Latino issues in the community.

Specific campaigns include: inmigrant rights, promoting the Latino vote, a bi-national (Mexico/U.S.) Movimiento Azteca fundraising and awareness campaign to preserve grey whale habitats in Baja California, the Juguetón toy drive, an awareness campaign of problems affecting Latino children community, fomenting education and academic excellence, promoting bilingual books, healthcare and financial responsibility.

Fundación Azteca America