Social Commitment

Arte & Cultural Grupo Salinas was born from the interest and commitment of Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego to promote and disseminate artistic and cultural activities.

Therefore, it renews itself and undertakes new ways to diversify its lines of action inside and outside our community.

The objective is to generate shared social value through art and culture, to raise the quality of life of our society, while fostering pride and identity among all of us who are part of Grupo Salinas.

Through Arte & Cultura, Grupo Salinas continues to contribute to the integral development of Mexicans by bringing them closer to important artistic manifestations and disseminating humanistic values among the population, as well as the richness of our traditions and cultural heritage.

The logogram & is the ligature of the letters e and t, and a graphical alternative of the Latin coordinating conjunction et, which means "and" from which the Spanish conjunction is y.

Fomento Cultural Grupo Salinas